The Finger Lakes Retriever Club formed in 1966 to advance the retriever breed and its owners. Its members are committed to improving the breed through responsible healthy breeding practices, humane proven training practices and cooperative friendly interactions. We want our dogs to be a good family member, good citizens in the community and great hunting partners in the field and on the water.

We accomplish these goals through club training days, member group training sessions and seminars by professional trainers sharing their experience with drills and “hunting scenarios” to work our dogs towards our own personal goals. The value of our club is not only in these training opportunities but in also the friendships forged with great people with the same objectives and passion in retriever training.

FLRC is a member of the American Kennel Club and functions under their rules and regulations conducting two licensed Retriever Hunt Tests each year. We are also a member of the Master National Retriever Club.

If you own a retriever breed, we feel our club has a lot to offer you whether you have a young puppy or experienced hunter through training and great friendships.

Updated:  September 30, 2022



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